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 Lease Car Return Suggestions By Keep It Klean Los Angeles 


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   Lease Car Return                                                                             

   Did you know that most lease return contracts allow up to $500 worth of minor body damage without penalty?                                                                                   


    Do you lease your car?
    When your lease expires, you're left with many options: buy out the lease, sign a lease for another car, take public transportation 
    or walk. Regardless of your decision, the car must go back to the leasing company for inspection. Here's where the excessive wear
    and tear clause in your lease is put to the test, and could cost you dearly. Before this happens, you may want to consider getting 
    your car detailed by professionals prior to the inspection. This could save you money. Return a spotless car and save. The professionals
    at Keep It Klean , offer a  Klean deal! Click Here for prices 

    Suggestions on what to do before your car lease expires 

    When the end of a car lease approaches, many people are faced with critical choices but aren’t sure what to do. Here are your options and suggestions on how to make a decision that makes the most sense for you.


    Option 1: Keep the Car When … 

    You’ve incurred more than the maximum mileage allowed on the car – and it has given you no problems.

    You love the vehicle.

    You’ve exceeded your limit of free miles. In this case, keeping the car may be the most cost-effective solution.

    Note: Compare the cost of financing a used car with leasing a new one.

    Option 2: Sell the Car When … 

    Your leased car is of greater value than its purchase option at lease end. Why shouldn’t you, rather than the dealer, take advantage of an equity situation?

    If you have a lease-end inspection 30 to 60 days before your lease is over, you may discover that there are damages to your vehicle that you will have to pay for. By buying the vehicle and selling it outright, a lease’s "normal depreciation" clause no longer applies.

    Hint: Invest  to have someone clean the vehicle inside and out. This is also known as "detailing", and it can add $250 to $550 to its selling price. Then run a classified ad. Advertise the car for a little less than everyone else is asking for similar models and years.

    Example: If the purchase-option price is $12,000 and the car retails used for $14,000 to $15,000, advertise it for $13,000 or so. Begin this process about 60 days before the lease ends.

    Option 3: Turn in the Car When … 

    You don’t like the car

    You want to drive a newer model

    You know that the car you’re driving hasn’t held its value as expected.  

    But first take these steps to avoid charges: 

    1) Make sure the car is absolutely clean. 

    2) If there are any scratches or dents, get an independent estimate of the repair cost. Compare the estimate with what you’ll have to pay the dealer for wear and tear. You’ll almost always come out ahead by getting the work done elsewhere . .

    3) If the vehicle needs new brakes or tires, find out the cost before turning it in. You’ll profit by having the work done before the lease ends.

    4) Take pictures or a video of the vehicle in the event of a dispute.

    The above are only suggestions 


    Things that people often forget when returning the lease vehicle .


    • Remove CDs from deck and multi-player .
    • The master key and/or spare key
    • When you hand the car keys over, don't forget to remove your  personal keys
    • Empty personal items from glove compartment, door pockets centre console, rear centre console, sun visor pocket, hidden pockets and check the spare wheel area.
    • Fast Pass tags and parking permits (both on wind shield and mirror ).
    • Ladies shoes.
    • The change and misc   things you keep in the ashtray.

    *Prices are subject to change depending on vehicle  paint condition!!

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