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  Why Detail ?                        

Car dealers routinely detail their cars so that they will bring more money on the lot. If you are going to sell your car, you can get top dollar by having it detailed. But why wait until then? Enjoy the benefits of a clean and shiny car during your ownership.

In general, your car, van or truck should be detailed every six months. This prevents the surface from deteriorating. Vehicles that are used commercially or are left outside during the day may require more frequent service.

Most paints currently used by all auto manufacturers are at their maximum gloss the day they are painted. Acrylic and clear coat paints begin to lose their shine as you drive away from the dealership. Detailing restores the sparkle and shine so that your vehicle can look brand new.

Any car that is over a year old will look significantly better after detailing. Even a car less than a year old will shine brighter and retain that shine longer when it’s been detailed.

The average price of a new car today is over $16,000. You can enhance the joy of possession and retain the value of your car by detailing it semi-annually.


What is detailing ?

Professional Detailing is the service of rejuvenating the painted and upholstered surfaces of your car to restore their cosmetic new car beauty.


In contrast… car washing is only cleaning your car by removing the dirt.

When your car has been exposed to nature’s elements and the abuses of daily travel, the paint becomes oxidized and dull. Our climate is especially hard on your car’s finish. Sun and salt are destructive to paint. Professional waxing helps to protect your paint and keeps it shining longer.

Your upholstery is shampooed, the leather is cleaned and nourished, and the vinyl is treated with a protectant. This interior detailing adds to your enjoyment by providing a fresh car look and smell inside.

Detailing your car removes the dull haze, road tar and oxidation that simple washing will not. This is accomplished by using a professional buffer to buff and polish the finish. As a result, it polishes the surface without leaving swirl marks on the paint. Then, a top quality wax or polymer glaze is applied to enhance the shine and protect the paint. After this rejuvenation of the exterior, your car will look almost new. Thus, detailing makes car washing more effective… your car will shine every time you wash it.

Finally, the tires are treated with protectant to restore their gloss and retard deterioration, and the top of the engine compartment is degreased and spotlessly cleaned


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